Your Guide To Creating A Homely Guest Room

8 May 2019, 1:58 PM

Your Guide To Creating A
Homely Guest Room

A well-designed guest bedroom can make any visiting family or friends not only feel welcome but at home - even when they're away from home! When designing the perfect guest room, simple tricks such as using vibrant colours and selecting classic furniture and luxurious textures can make all the difference in creating a restful and relaxing space for guests.

Providing a luxurious guest room not only shows your guests that you are an excellent host and are happy to have them stay in your home, it also encourages them to enjoy their own space where they can unwind and relax.

There are certain decor tricks and furnishing tips that encourage guests to feel at home in a guest room. The key ones are listed below.

Provide a warm welcome

The last thing a guest wants to feel when they enter a room is like they are a liability to a homeowner, which can happen if they are put in a room that is treated as an afterthought. Hosts can eliminate any atmosphere of ‘unused hostility’ that some guest rooms harbour by incorporating rich colours into the room's design and décor, to show that it is an appreciated part of the home all year round.

Rich colours such as a burgundy throw or even a sunburnt orange feature wall will automatically cocoon guests in a feeling of warmth. Additional features such as soft lighting and elegant lamps can also add to the warm aura.

Perfecting the bedding

The bed is the centrepiece of any guest bedroom, and elegant bed frames such as four-poster beds can create a unique sense of escapism.

Guest beds should feature high-quality linen (freshly washed of course!) and various layers of linen and throws in striking colours and patterns. Extra blankets allow the guest to adapt the bedding to their temperature and comfort throughout the night, and there should be two pillows or cushions for each guest.

Invest in classic furniture

People often make the mistake of purchasing cheap furniture for their guest room since they don’t get used as much as the main master bedroom. Not only does this mean that the furniture will lack in quality, but they although they may not be used often, they might still lose shape, style and quality very quickly. This will ultimately make the room feel unwelcoming and tacky.

The best asset that can be added to a guest room to boost its elegance is rustic bedroom furniture. Classic styles that will stand the test of time such as wooden bedside tables and intricate tallboy drawers are always the best choice when it comes to making a room look lived in.

Make it feel unique

A guest room shouldn’t look like a stale and standard hotel room, and it also shouldn’t seem like a home’s ‘spare junk room’. Adding unique features can make all the difference when intending to make a guest feel more welcome. Décor additions such as statement prints or wall art can bring a room to life, and a statement piece is a sure-fire way to make the room memorable.

Include creature comforts

A guest bedroom can be made to feel like someone’s home even when it's inside someone else’s home - all it needs is the addition of the comforts they would usually find at home.

Tallboys and drawers should be empty and available for them to pack their clothes away, and little additional features such as hairdryers, irons, or even toiletries can make all the difference to one's stay.

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