What Is Farmhouse Furniture?

29 May 2019, 4:29 PM

What Is Farmhouse Furniture?

Farmhouse furniture is a unpretentious and home loving style. If you are tired of your home looking empty, uninviting and too military why not opt for a cosy, warm feeling farmhouse style. If you are concerned about this particular style being too ‘old-fashioned’ then worry not as the new ‘modern farmhouse’ phase is truly in motion. Modern farmhouse is when you introduce modern home furnishings with a more vintage style, creating one beautiful decor choice.

If you are looking to redecorate your home, take a look at what truly makes a farmhouse design below:

What Colour Is Farmhouse Furniture?

The farmhouse colour trend tends to stay on the neutral, soft grey tone scale. Handmade, rustic furniture is key if you are wanting to create a large inviting vibe. Colour palettes such as white, grey, cream, navy, soft pink and sage are perfect and you can introduce these colours through your large furniture items and your soft furnishings and accessories.

The farmhouse style essentially applies to the old becoming the new with effortless style. The idea of renovating and upcycling is also key and will allow to achieve that farmhouse living room style. Furthermore, an earthy palette is an ideal colour scheme to follow for your farmhouse dining room style. Earthy colours such as beige, grey and white will allow your darker soft furnishings to really pop and stand out.

Essential Farmhouse Furniture

The Dining Room

Starting with your dining room or kitchenette, the most important piece of furniture is a farmhouse dining table, followed by some chic dining table chairs. The perfect farmhouse dining table is one that is large, robust and solid wood, investing in a decent dining table means that you can create a functional gathering space for your family and friends.

The Bedroom

Bedroom Furniture is the next room to investigate, but firstly the best place to start is a four poster beds, nothing says farmhouse style than an oversized, solid wood bed. Your bed should always be the focal point of any room, then you can start introducing your smaller soft furnishings and bedside cabinets.

The Living Room

Your living room should be either focussed around your farmhouse style coffee table or your farmhouse style tv cabinet. Most living rooms have a focal point, whether that is the TV or your coffee table (preferred choice for entertainers).

If you often work from home, why not make your own office - it can be quite distracting working from your living room or kitchen as your are more likely to be drawn away from your work and not motivated enough. With that in mind, why not create your very own home office and invest in a solid wood computer desk. Each and every room in your home can be refurbished to fit this beautiful design, and no room should be left out.

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