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Top Tips For Decorating & Furnishing Your First Home

21 Aug 2017, 3:27 PM
Buying your first home is a huge deal - putting down the deposit is probably the most you've ever spent on anything, and unless you're married, you've probably never committed to anything as long-term as a mortgage. It's also a really fun and exciting time though, because unlike rented accommodation, you can really put your stamp on your first home.

Unless your tastes perfectly align with the previous owners, you'll probably want to get straight down to business and start ripping things out, painting walls and making it into a home you love. But wait! You've just spent all your cash on a deposit. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to decorate and furnish your first home on a budget.

Check out our top tips below:

Think about your priorities

Although as a first-time buyer you probably can't afford to splash out on everything, it's worth thinking about your priorities and investing in some areas to make sure you get things just right. If you dream of thick luxury carpets, then lino just won't do and spending money on cheap flat-pack furniture could be a poor investment. If you want beautiful handmade furniture from a quality company like H&F, then justify your spend by thinking how much you'll save on never having to replace it.

Just Keep Looking

Second-hand stores and vintage stores can be great places to find rustic furniture options if you've opted for bespoke furniture and need some pieces to complement that. If the budget is tight, choose one or two items of wooden furniture that you'll get lots of use out of to have handmade, and buy some second-hand pieces to complement them.

Do it Yourself

Sometimes you'll need to get the professionals in for jobs like electrics, plumbing and plastering, but there is also plenty of DIY you can pull off yourself with a little confidence. Painting is easy, if time-consuming, and as long as you're careful and use the correct tools, you should be able to do just as good a job as the professionals.

Opt for own-brand paint to save money where you're able, and spend the difference on some gorgeous accent colours from premium lines for places like your front door and windows that guests will really notice.

YouTube is Your Friend

For the amateur decorator and DIYer, Youtube can be a real lifesaver. Whatever the task is you need to complete, there's probably a tutorial for it somewhere on Youtube. Find out how to put up shelves securely, strip wallpaper or even build a pizza oven in the back garden.

You'll also find that there are lots of instructions for DIY projects around the home if you fancy getting a little creative. From sewing your own cushions to making concrete planters and original artwork, you can make your home totally unique whilst saving a packet if you follow them.

Theme Your Rooms

Not every room needs to have a specific, named theme, but try to keep your rooms along similar lines and pick colours and styles that go together. Your mid-century modern sofa might look fantastic in the living room, but a high-backed armchair wouldn't match. Instead, put the armchair in a bedroom or dressing room where it might better match the decor.

Be careful about going too far down the rabbit hole of matching everything in a room, however - there's nothing wrong with a slightly eclectic look.

Bespoke Wooden Furniture

A bespoke piece of wooden furniture will last you a lifetime, and every time you look at it, you'll remember your first ever home. Take a look at the styles we offer and you're sure to find something you just can't live without.
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