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Top Decorating Ideas For A Stylish Christmas

17 Dec 2015, 12:20 PM

Top Decorating Ideas
for a Stylish Christmas

Christmas is a time when we over indulge in many things, and sometimes the decorations can get a bit out of control as well. If you want to keep things more elegant this year, here are some ideas for a stylish Christmas.

Add a Stylish Twist to Familiar Items

We expect certain things at Christmas, like Christmas trees, stockings, tinsel and reindeers. But that doesn't mean you have to do what everyone else is doing. You don't need to stick a neon Santa on your roof, and instead you can use classic Christmas ideas to influence your own stylish

For example, instead of hanging up classic stockings above the fireplace, buy or make sleek white stockings instead. Rather than throwing the tinsel over everything, use it in moderation, perhaps to border a mirror. And instead of a tacky toy reindeer or snowman, find an elegant crystal
version to display as an ornament.

Decorate with White

White can seem cold, but it is also one of the most stylish colours for decorations. It also perfectly reflects the frosty weather outside (or maybe the snow if we're lucky!)

White lends your home a sophisticated appearance, so use it for your Christmas tree decorations, your fairy lights, items on your dining room furniture, rustic dining table, Dining room chairs & ornaments through your home.

Choose a Colour Theme

If you don't fancy white, choose another colour scheme. Rather than just throwing colours around without any kind of plan, be strict with a scheme and stick to it. Greens and reds are ideal, but silver and gold are also perfect. But it could be any colour you want. This helps when you buy your decorations, napkins, crackers, etc, and it will give your decorating a sense of order.

Display Christmas Sweets

Who doesn't get a sweet tooth at Christmas? Rather than just overindulging in candies this year, you can use sweets as part of your decorations. One idea is to fill up a jar with layers of different-coloured sweets. Perhaps go for Christmassy colours like red, white and green. Marshmallows are a good option for this, but any sweets will do. Use it as a decoration, and let the kids help themselves after Christmas is over.

Use Elegant Candles

Candles are common at Christmas time and they help to create that festive feel. Rather than choosing standard candles, find some tall, elegant candles in silver, white or green and place them in strategic places around your home to make them part of the decoration. Any wooden furniture or rustic furniture would look amazing with the addition of elegant candles for decoration.

Be Creative

The most important thing of all is to be as creative as you can. Make your decorations
personal and surprise your guests by doing something different.

Fill up a large glass vase with ball-balls, or get a number of vases and use different colours in each one. Or bring natural into your home by using holly and ivy or pine cones, but spray paint them with silver or gold and place them in a bowl. You could even create your own advent calendar by hanging little envelopes or bags to a frame on the wall.

Make This Christmas a Stylish One

Enjoy your Christmas with a more stylish theme this year. There is no need to go crazy on the decorations, so opt for subtle and elegant instead. Stylish Christmas decorations can be just as fun, and even more creative, than standard decorations, so think carefully about how you could make your Christmas more stylish this year.

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