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Top 20 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

10 Feb 2017, 1:56 PM

If you're pondering fun or romantic ideas for this Valentine's Day but don't fancy paying over-inflated prices at a crowded restaurant, a stay-at-home date night could be on the cards.

Here are 20 staying-in ideas that Cupid would approve of this Valentine's Day.

Theme Night

Pick a theme that has meaning to you both and recreate it at home. If you honeymooned in Spain, drink sangria and cook up paella. If you met at a disco, put on those classic tracks from yesteryear.


Create memories together by setting up a photoshoot at home. Use carefully chosen props such as handmade furniture or wedding gifts to add meaning to your photos.


Lay out a blanket and fill it with your favourite finger food for an indoor picnic. Save space for a chilled bottle of champagne.

Get Posh

Even if you're not going out, recreate a posh night out at home. Dress up to the nines, order a takeaway and indulge on the most expensive dishes, and serve your food with the best cutlery, using the finest linen, whilst sitting at bespoke furniture.


How often do you look at old photos? Spread out dusty albums across a rustic furniture table and reminisce about times gone by.

star gaze

If it's a starry night, wrap up warm and cuddle up outside as you gaze at the heavens above.

guessing game

Do you really know your other half? Play a guessing game to test how well you know each other.

wine tasting

Have fun pretending you're at a wine tasting event by sipping different wines to test if your sommelier skills are up to scratch.

play twister

If you've not played this classic game since childhood, now is the night to rekindle the long-forgotten fun.


Have fun browsing online for your dream home or holiday together and think up pretend scenarios.


Spread out a blank sheet of paper on a flat wooden furniture table and do a shared drawing or doodling of your life together.


Get items you can personalise, such as mugs or t-shirts, and use permanent markers to create unique drawings or images to symbolise your love for each other.

host bake off

There may only be two of you, but you'll still have fun hosting your own bake-off competition to see who can make the most romantic-inspired cake.

secret notes

On small scraps of paper, write down attributes that you admire in each other or special memories. Pop them in a sealed jar until next Valentine's Day. If you did this the year before, now is the time to look at the list of things you wrote about each other last year!


Create an at-home pamper session you can both enjoy, such as exchanging foot rubs, back massages or making face masks.

watch a movie

If you share a passion for the same movie, re-watch it together to unite and strengthen your bond this Valentine's Day.

blind taste test

Have fun blindfolding each other and guessing the
identity of different food items.

write poetry

Have a poetry competition to see who can write the funniest/silliest/most romantic poem about the other.


Search on YouTube for songs you both love and belt them out together.

italian inspiration

Italy is the land of romance, so create an Italian-inspired night at home. Make pizza, drink Chianti, gorge on gelato and watch The Italian Job.

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