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The Trend Of Microapartments

2 Nov 2015, 10:24 AM
Tiny spaces known as micro apartments are becoming popular places for people to live in. These small one-roomed dwellings usually contain a living space, sleeping space, bathroom, kitchenette & dining room furniture. Most micro apartments are located in large cities where property prices are astronomical and there are often housing shortages. Young professionals are typically attracted to micro apartments as these allow them to live in the city, close to their place of work, for a fraction of what it would cost for a larger dwelling.

There are many benefits to living in a micro apartment, quite apart from the central location and the lower cost of renting - they are cosy and take practically minutes to clean!
Small But Practical

Micro apartments can be as small as fifteen by fifteen feet, yet have everything the occupier needs. In some apartments, the bed will retract into the wall when not in use, creating more space in the room. Designers are becoming more inventive with how they use space in these tiny apartments, and many can adapt the surroundings to ensure that everything that is required can be fit in, including their favourite wooden furniture or rustic furniture.
Flexible Walls

Flexible walls within the apartment ensure that micro apartments have much more functionality. One example of these flexible walls is the pop-up apartment that has been described as a "Swiss Pocketknife" apartment. Architects from TU Delft University in the Netherlands designed this apartment, and it features walls and seating that sit on tracks. When not in use, the walls and seating can be moved behind the structural boundaries, out of site. This approach allows bedrooms that are not required during the daytime to be converted into a larger living space.
Built in Storage

Storage is important in any home, but it can be difficult to fit in such a small space. However, designers have come up with ingenious solutions to the problem of storage. Walls and furniture can be used to store items, and many architects have even built storage solutions high up in the apartment walls or created mezzanine levels to cater for even more storage spaces.
Hidden Beds

Hidden beds are a common feature of micro apartments. Many incorporate pullout beds that are only used at night before being stored away again during the day. Some micro apartments even have the bed hidden behind a cupboard to maximise space.
Bespoke Furniture

Floor space in a micro apartment is precious so it is important to make the most of it. Bespoke furniture can ensure that no space is wasted. Many micro apartments will include handmade furniture that can provide a multitude of uses, or which can fit into awkward spaces when not being used.

It is no surprise that micro apartments are becoming so popular.
They are small but functional and give so many young people the chance to live right in the heart of big cities around the world.
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