The Key Differences Between Kid & Adult Spaces

2 Apr 2019, 4:58 PM

The key differences between
‘Kid’ and ‘Adult’ spaces

So you want to create the ideal space for you and the kids to relax in, but where do you start? Both you and the kids have very different requirements when it comes to relaxing which can make furnishing these rooms a challenge. So in this blog, we are going to look at how to furnish the ideal playroom for kids and create the ultimate relaxation room for grown-ups.

The ideal relaxing space for adults

With modern day lives becoming more fast-paced and frantic than ever before it is important that you take a little time out each day to unwind. For most people that means sitting back and relaxing in front of the TV or reading a good book.

But the room you relax in can have a detrimental effect on your mood if it is disorganized and full of clutter. You may not realise it but a cluttered home is not helping you to relax, it may even be making you feel more stressed. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can make to help soften an austere interior and keep clutter to a minimum.


When it comes to furniture the most important thing to get right is the sofa. This is where you’ll be spending most of your time, so try to choose one which is both functional and comfy. Modern sleek Scandinavian style sofas look great but they are not particularly good for helping you to relax. You need big soft cushions, a wide base and high back if you really want to let go.

A nice big coffee table is also a must in a room like this. The aim of this room is to help you relax so look for chunky furniture which will offset nicely with your nice big comfy sofa. Our range of plank living room furniture contains a range of big chunky coffee tables which are ideal for this.

A sideboard and bookcase are also important considerations for this kind of room. The sideboard is useful for keeping all that clutter out of sight while surrounding yourself with books is a great way to relax. If you’ve got the space a dining table is also a good idea. Try to keep it less formal though, think chunky plank dining room furniture rather than classic Chippendale.

To complete the room you will also need a TV cabinet. Look for a cabinet with plenty of shelves and cupboard space so you can hide away your SkyPlus box and PlayStation.


Now you have the main furniture pieces in place you can think about accessorising. Soft scatter cushions are a must to help soften the room and make it feel cosier.

A nice big rug can also be used to segregate the space. And don’t forget about flowers and candles. The sight and scent of fresh flowers and scented candles can help you to relax after a hard day in the office.

How to create the perfect playroom for kids

Kids play rooms open up a world of exciting design possibilities. Even the smallest room can be furnished in a stylish and fun way which not only looks great but provides a stimulating learning environment for your children. But much like the relaxing room for grown-ups, there are a few must-have pieces for children which you need to get right.

This room is the ideal place for the family computer since the kids will be the ones spending the most time on it. So the first thing you need is a good solid desk. Ideally, this should be chunky and durable like our range of plank desks. A bookcase is also a good idea, but try to make it less formal than a traditional bookcase. Our cube units are great for this and can also be used to store plushies, toys and games.

A large storage box is also a must for keeping larger toys safely stowed away. If you’ve got the room, a sofa is great but keep it low slung and comfy. This should be less formal than the one in the adult ‘playroom’ and feel free to go wild with the colour and make it a centrepiece of the room.

When it comes to furnishing adult and kids spaces colour is key. For adults, the colour tones should be soft and muted. Pastel colours are great for helping you to relax and can be combined to create a sophisticated and relaxing space within which to unwind. For the kids, bold and bright colours are the way to go. This creates a stimulating environment within which to learn. But don’t go overboard, too much colour can be overpowering. Tone it down a by having softer coloured walls combined with bright accented furniture.

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