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The Best Halloween Themes & Decor

5 Oct 2018, 5:49 PM

The Autumn season is nearly upon us and that means one important event, Halloween!
Decorating your home for Halloween can be a lengthy task, so you need to consider a variety of decorating ideas, themes, outfits and most importantly standing out from the rest. Decorating your home for Halloween can be really fun to do as a family and once the time comes you can make sure your Halloween party is the best your friends and family have ever been to.

Choosing Your Theme

There are so many different party themes that you can choose to create a fantastic Halloween party for your guests. Once you have chosen a theme you can decide on which decorations you need, what party games you want, and also choose your Halloween costume. Whether you are looking for a spooky theme or a fancy dress theme, here are some great party theme ideas that we think your party guests will love.

Halloween Horror Movie

Halloween movies are one of the easiest themes to recreate as you can simply replicate the decor used throughout the movies and apply them to your home. If you are thinking of replicating IT, then introduce a handful of large red balloons throughout each room.
If you are looking to keep it classical then why not introduce some scary movie masks - you can easily become your favourite scary characters like Jason Vorhees, Freddy Kruger, and Ghostface.

Murder Mystery Party

Your halloween party doesn’t have to be entirely scary and can follow the theme of a murder mystery. Let your guests dress up and entertain them by giving them a murder to solve.
Organising an alternative halloween party can ensure that everyone can get involved. These style of parties are great for newcomers and make the perfect icebreaker for all of your guests.

Harvest Party

If you are looking to celebrate the Autumn season and halloween all in one go, why not throw an elegant harvest party. This theme is perfect if you have a large amount of young children attending as it won’t be too scary for them. You can get them involved in a range of activities that will keep them entertained.
Introduce some straw bales and checkered throws for the perfect finishing touches to your harvest themed party. The party wouldn’t be complete without pumpkin carving and apple bobbing, so get all of your guests involved!

Harry Potter Party

A popular halloween theme (although not entirely scary) is a Harry Potter fancy dress party. This party has endless amounts of options, such as floating candles, holographic paintings, witch and wizard costumes, potion making and so on.
There are many places where you can find wizards cloaks and even wands so that you can dress up as your favourite Harry Potter character. Which Hogwarts house will you choose to be in?

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Although an extremely debatable theme, is it Christmas or Halloween related - we say both. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a great film theme to use for your party, especially if there are children attending.
Decorate your home with spooky jack-o’-lanterns and cobwebs to create the perfect Halloween party setting. Face painting can be a fun idea for this party, so why not let your guests become Jack or Sally for the night?

Pumpkin Carving

Halloween parties have to not only appeal to adults but also to the children. That’s why we think that a pumpkin party would be great for everyone!
Everyone can have some messy fun carving their own pumpkin lanterns. Children can get involved with their child-safe carving tools under the supervision of the adults. Hold a fun competition and choose who has carved the best pumpkin.

Halloween Home Makeovers

In order to start making those interior changes for your Halloween party, why not take a look at our final preparation tips that will help you transform your home into a spooky setting:

Decorate Your Rustic Furniture

If your dining room includes a beautiful plank dining table why not dress it up with some cobwebs, faux spiders and spooky candles. Your dining room might be the main location for the party, a place where you can lay out food and drinks and maybe play some spooky Halloween games.   
You can also easily hang up some Halloween decorations from our plank dining room mirrors. Many shops have themed stickers or mirror decals that you can temporarily use to add some spooky decorative touches to your home.

Transform Your Indoor Lighting

Interior lighting can be what makes or breaks your Halloween party. Bright lights can often ruin the mood and tone of the spooky atmosphere that you are trying to create. You can easily solve this by draping flame resistant fabrics over the top of your lights to create a dulled effect. We have some fabulous interior lamps here at H&F that can really help you create a perfect nighttime party theme. Whether you want to style with table lamps or floor lamps, we have a great selection to choose from for your party.

Pick Your Colour Scheme

An important feature of your Halloween party is the colour scheme. Browns, oranges, reds and blacks are absolutely key to a creating a successful Halloween vibe in your home. Match your colours to your chosen theme and you’ll be well on your way to creating a fabulous party for your guests.
Why not incorporate these colours into your decorations? Our plank coffee tables will look fabulous decorated with autumn colours, Halloween sweets, and cosy candles.

Add The Finishing Touches

The finishing touches for a Halloween party is up to you, depending on the theme of your party you might want to include various Halloween pieces or make your own spooky decorations. At H&F we have a range of stunning home accessories that you can use for your party including vintage clocks, tableware, and home decor pieces. Serve up your spooky Halloween buffet with our fabulous tableware and crockery that we have available. In this range we have some stunning wine glasses and rustic ceramic bowls that are perfect for sharing out your halloween drinks and treats to your guests.

With this great guide you will be able to create a fun and entertaining Halloween party for your guests. Whether you are decorating for a Halloween themed party or just giving your home a Halloween makeover, with these tips you will soon be able to create a cosy autumn vibe in your home.

Which theme will you choose for your home?

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