Kim Ryan | The Red Lion, Cambridge

We searched the internet high and low to find the service and quality that you provided for us. We visited several stores and manufacturers before finding Home and Furniture. We couldn't believe your prices, so travelled up to see it for ourselves. Thank you for all the tables and chairs you provided for our restaurant and for delivering bang on schedule. Thank you and all your staff. Kim

Iain Benzie | Matlock Derbyshire

We have a furniture shop in Matlock that does similar tables and bedroom furniture as you but your prices were much less. We visited your shop to see if the quality of craftsmanship was any different, and we were thankfully suprised!. Your furniture is out of this world and the whole service from everyone at Home and Furniture has been second to none. Cheers Iain

Mrs Fearn | Staffordshire

Please thank all of the staff at Home and furniture, especially the delivery lads who tried everything to get my Linen chest up our stairs. I didn't think I would have a problem with my chest of drawers I was more worried about my 4 poster but that went up fine. Thank you so much for taking it back and making me a special one to fit. Your wife and you should be proud of the business you run. Sue.

Mrs Coyne | Dorset

Thank you for our table and chairs. I still can't believe how Chunky our table is! Thank you

Jamie Alberts | Derbyshire

We visited several furniture shops in and around Derbyshire and scoured the net and your furniture was a far superior price and quality wise. Your service is excellent and your delivery was on time and installed professionally. Many thanks, Mr J. Alberts.

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