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Ten Top Tips for Setting up a Home Office

25 Aug 2015, 1:58 PM
Working from home has many perks - no rush-hour traffic, no commute, a better work-life balance and more time to spend with the family. So with these obvious advantages more and more people have been choosing to work from home. If you do work from home, one absolute necessity is an amazing home office.

A quality home office is crucial to you and your business & it is more than just some nice decoration (although that does help). Here are ten easy tips for creating the perfect home office, that could take your productivity to the next level.

Purchase the Perfect Desk & Chair

You're going to spend the bulk of your working day sat at your chair and typing or writing at your desk, so the office furniture is something you need to get 100% right. Take a trip to several stores and try out the ergonomic range of chairs, to find the most comfortable one you can – a good chair will help your posture and prevent back problems. While you're out you should test out a few desks as well. Find one that looks great, has some extra storage, is the right height and has plenty of desk space for your electronic equipment and notes.

Get some Greenery

It is proven that plants make people happier and are actually good for the brain. Therefore placing some beautiful plants in your home office is a no-brainer really. Some greenery can liven the office up and make it a more relaxed environment.

Have a Comfortable Seating Area

Your desk is where all your active work gets done, but you should also have a a comfy seating area where you can think, read or hold meetings. A comfortable sofa or armchair would go perfectly with a quality piece of wooden furniture, like a coffee table & lamp to create a much needed comfort zone, for those long office days.

Keep your Tech Updated & Reliable

If you're going to be spending several hours a day in you home office, you will need to keep your technology up-to-date and make sure it is very reliable. You will come to rely on your laptop, printer and fax machine and don't want to be dealing with technical faults on a daily basis. Your old machines may still technically work, but now is the best time to upgrade them to newer models (there are great bargains on the hight-street & online). A new machine is less likely to suffer problems and will have all the up-to-date software pre-installed on the hard-drive, so you're ready to go.

Make sure there is a Reliable Internet Connection

I'm sure you're busy meeting deadlines or completing work for clients, so the last thing you want is your internet going down. Piggybacking on the next door neighbour's Wi-Fi connection isn't bad for general online surfing, but if you want a perfect home office, it may be time to invest in a reliable internet connection of your own – from a reputable and reliable provider. Make sure the Wi-Fi router in in your office and know who to call if there are any problems.

Use a Dedicated Phone-line for your Business at Home

You may be a busy businessman or one-person company, if you are you're likely to spend a lot of time on the phone with customers and clients. Therefore, you don't want your calls disturbing the rest of the household throughout the day or hear your daughter answer the phone to one of your biggest contacts. What you need is a dedicated and separate phone line in your home office, for business calls.

Incorporate Personal Touches & Inspiration

While your home office is for work, it should also be a place for inspiration. Make your office feel like your own by personalising thoughtfully. Place family photos on your desk, wall or bespoke furniture, hang up mementos of success, place some funny cartoons or images round the room that make you laugh or even spray the room every morning with a scent you enjoy. All these personal touches should make you happy and inspire you to do great things.

Brighten your Office with Proper Lighting

Lighting in your home office is of utmost importance – it can put you in a good mood in the morning and keep you going through the night. You should embrace the natural light and also use additional lighting like lamps. When setting up your home office, make sure you place your desk next to the window. By doing this you will receive the pleasant benefits of natural light and it provides a great excuse to look away from your computer every now and then. However, you may still be busy when the light fades and darkness takes over. Therefore a quality table lamp which puts out a soft glow is a must, as it will create a cosy environment for those long nights.

Make sure there is Plenty of Storage

Whether it is a home office or a workspace in an office building, one thing that everyone needs is plenty of storage. Your home office is bound to be filled with paper, notes, important documents, etc. While storage is important, you will also probably want it to fit in with the décor of the rest of the room – so get creative. Avoid filing cabinets and plump for high quality solid wood furniture & beautiful book cases, drawers and cabinets. These are all perfect for storing documents but also look great.

Keep Time – Hang a Clock

Just because you are already at home, doesn't give you an excuse to work longer hours and cause yourself more stress. You should work normal office hours (eg/ 9-5) and finish work and close the office door for the night shortly after 5pm. To make sure you stick to your schedule & keep time, hang a clock above your desk. It will not only keep you on track but will also be a nice piece of decorative furniture that ties the room together nicely.
So if you're in the process of setting up your home office or just think your current headquarters needs an update, take these ten tips into consideration. Some new handmade furniture, a comfy seating area, proper lighting and personal touches all blend together to make you more productive in your office surroundings.
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