Ten Popular Kitchen Diner Trends From 2019

14 Feb 2020, 1:52 PM

Ten Popular
Kitchen Diner Trends from 2019

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Creating the perfect kitchen space is one of the most important aspects of home design as not only do we eat there, but we drink, work, and socialize in the kitchen, too. If you're looking for inspiration, here are 10 of the top kitchen trends we've seen in 2019, from quaint rustic kitchens to the most modern and minimal kitchens.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands work in all kinds of kitchens, from big spacious farmhouse kitchens to open plan contemporary kitchens. Combine a spacious island with unique downlighting to make this extra worktop space an eyecatching feature in your kitchen. If you've got enough space, you could even opt for double islands - the height of luxury when it comes to kitchen worktop space.

Dark Palettes

2019 has been a year of embracing bold, dark colours in our kitchens, including matte blacks and charcoals. Dark greens and blues are also popular, and these bold, dark kitchens work best with plenty of spotlighting and uncluttered worktops.

Unique Taps

Taps can be a talking point in your kitchen if you choose a set that catches the eye. Whether you opt for ultra-modern or classic taps, sometimes it can be worth splashing out to make your kitchen taps a feature of the room. Choosing the right metal for your taps is the first step.


Just like in the rest of the home, minimalism is in this year in kitchens. A large part of adopting a minimalist kitchen style is about creating enough hidden storage to ensure that your worktops can remain free of clutter. And, funnily enough, creative storage solutions are another popular trend in kitchen design this year.

Old and New, Together

Gone are the days when we had to pick either traditional or contemporary styles. The latest styles all combine elements of contemporary and rustic, such as a modern colour palette and lighting with farmhouse dining room furniture. This is a unique way to create a kitchen with a traditional style that won't look outdated in five years' time.

Bespoke Larders

Modern kitchens may be beautiful, but that doesn't mean that they forsake function for form. Bespoke pantries and larders are all the rage this year, being both practical when it comes to storing your fruit and veg, and also a beauty to behold.

Pewter and gunmetal

Brass and chrome are out, and matte black is popular in some circles but remains a bit bold for most kitchens. Pewter and gunmetal are the latest top picks if you're looking for a metal that will stand out but still fit in effortlessly; they can also work very well in both modern and traditional style kitchens.

Vintage Chic

2019 has continued the past decade's love affair with vintage styles and fashions, bespoke rustic kitchens are still hugely popular, featuring natural stone tiles and plenty of chunky wood furniture. Think 'traditional farmhouse meets rustic beach hut' and you're on the right lines.

More Marble

Everyone's losing their marbles over marble this year. From bathrooms to kitchens, nothing says timeless luxury like marble. Marble worktops and kitchen islands have made a huge comeback in 2019, and are surely around to stay. Marble is more durable than hardwood worktops, making it a great option for those of us concerned with both style and substance.

Shaker Kitchens

Pine and oak kitchens are the perfect materials for a shaker kitchen. Dating back to the mid-18th century, its characterised by simplicity, functionality & quality craftmanship. The most popular characteristics of a shaker kitchen is its the simple, square-frame portioned doors.

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