Redesigning Your Home Office? Use Plank Furniture

20 Mar 2019, 1:51 PM

your home office?
Use plank furniture

Working from home definitely has its perks; you can choose your own hours and wear your comfiest pair of slippers all day. However, working from home is less appealing when the office is messy, mismatched and disorganised. A home office should be a sanctuary, filled with beautiful furnishings intended to boost productivity levels. Here are four top tips on how to integrate stylish wooden furniture into an office design, for a more stylish and aesthetically-pleasing space.

1. Invest in a quality desk

As the heart of the office, your desk choice is vital. Plank desks endow an office with a rustic vibe and the grand piece of furniture makes the space feel more powerful and luxurious.

Plank desks are sturdy and durable, and the quality wood will withstand the test of time and remain standing through many house moves and job promotions. Small or large, wide or narrow, plank wood desks are available in many different sizes and can be tailor-made to suit any room. Invest in a plush office chair to accompany the desk for a much more comfortable work day.

2. Accessories

It's the finer details that really pull the appearance of a room together and the smallest of touches can instantly make the home office the most memorable room in the house.

Personalisation is key, so fill empty surfaces with family photographs that can provide a much-needed burst of motivation when the workday gets tough. Lighting is key to making a room feel comfortable, so invest in a lamp or two to place around the room to keep the space well lit; choose wooden lamps to keep with the homely plank furniture theme.

3. An accent wall

Filling out data spreadsheets and responding to emails can become dull and arduous, but this doesn't mean that your work environment has to.

A room filled with art or work achievements can be a welcome addition to an office; taking a break to admire the beautiful surroundings can break up the monotony of the workday. Wall decor can be transformative, but consider creating an accent wall instead of covering the entire room with decor as this will help the space to look less cluttered.

4. Furniture to get you organised

According to more than 40% of people believe that a tidy and organised space enhanced their work productivity, so home office furniture should be both pleasing to look at as well as efficient at storing your belongings.

Wooden drawers are sure to complement your other office furnishings, making the room look more luxurious and elegant. Vertical drawers are a unique form of storage and ideal for rooms with limited floor space. As well as drawers, plank office bookcases are essential for any office, as they proudly display your work and leisure books.

For a sophisticated office redesign, opt for wooden furnishings that will transform the entire space. Browse our range of plank office furniture to find the pieces that really speak to you.

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