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Living Rooms From Around The World

2 Feb 2016, 4:21 PM

Living Rooms
from Around
the World

You may have a clear idea about what a living room should look like, but how do living rooms designs differ around the world?
Every country has its own unique style when it comes to living rooms, and here are a few of the most interesting styles from around the world.


Scandinavian crime dramas are popular on TV right now, so in the UK we’ve become quite accustomed to seeing the Scandinavian style of home. 

As expected, this is influencing British living room styles. But what does a typical Scandinavian style consist of?

These living rooms are characterised by their comforting warm tones, but they also manage to combine this with a minimalist and efficient look. Storage solutions are practical, and the living rooms often include quirky features & bespoke furniture to make them stand out.

Blues and greys are popular colours, and these are often used against a backdrop of white walls. Outdoor elements are popular, and timber (including rustic furniture) is often on display. A fireplace is an essential feature, and this is often in a cylindrical form.

Mirrors and glass accents are widely used to reflect the light to create a light and open space, and the overall style is neat and organised but homely.


Mexico is known for its use of bright and bold colours, and it is true that colour is very important to interior design in Mexico, which also influences the living room. To avoid bold colours from becoming overwhelming, these are often used alongside plenty of white space.

Tiles are a popular feature in Mexican homes and living rooms, and these are often hand-painted. They are usually used on the floors, and they are a practical and attractive feature of the room.

Large windows allow in plenty of light and blend the indoor and outdoor areas. A large wooden table (or other items of wooden furniture) or in the centre of the room is another common feature. Overall, the style is colourful, fresh, light and modern.


Japanese living rooms are known for the sense of tranquillity and calm that they create. They are often minimalist and clean of clutter, and they have a lot of light and space.

Neutral colours are used throughout the living room, and features like paper lanterns, bamboo lampshades and bonsai trees are common. Screens are also used to divide the room from the surrounding spaces. A low table in the centre of the living room is typical, and surrounding this are cushions to sit on.


Indian living rooms are characterised by their use of rich and luxurious colours, elegant furnishings and dark-coloured fabrics. You will often find ornate furniture like wooden cabinets placed in the room, and these are often handmade furniture and come with intricate designs.

Silk is a popular material, especially for the cushions on the furniture. Wall hangings are also very popular, especially animal motifs that use images of tigers and elephants.

Take Inspiration from International Styles

If you are considering redesigning your living room, take inspiration from these styles. Whether you want to be inspired by Japanese, Indian, Mexican or any other style, take elements from the classic styles and use them in your own living room.

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