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How To Feng Shui Your Living Room

9 Oct 2015, 3:37 PM

How To Feng Shui Your Living Room

How to Feng Shui your Living Room

You may have heard of the phrase 'Feng Shui' but you may not actually know what it means. Well 'Feng Shui' is the ancient Chinese proverb that describes the art of interior decorating to create balanced, relaxed and attractive spaces to add harmony to people's lives.

One of the main areas in any house to apply the 'Feng Shui' philosophy to is the living room. If you want to achieve a balance, promote good health, protect your home and lure happiness and wealth to your life, then follow these simple interior design steps, that could transform your life.

  • A simple interior design trick to ensure that your living room is optimized to attract prosperity & act as the wealth zone in the home, is to place a TV unit in the corner that becomes the centrepiece of the room.

  • According to the 'Feng Shui' furniture placement guide you should make sure all sofas and armchairs are pushed right back giantess the living room walls . This provides the impression of being invited in to enjoy the elegant and simple design.

  • When decorating your room it is suggested that you hang a mirror on the wall to create a sense of depth and stimulate the movement of energy.

  • The placement of your living room furniture is very important. Every person sitting in the living room should be able to see anyone who enters the room (without having to strain their neck).

  • The centre of your living room is key to creating harmony in your life. The centre of the room is considered the good luck zone. When decorating your living room it is important to leave some open space in the centre of the room and make sure there are no obstacles. A piece of bespoke furniture in the centre of the room could disrupt the flow of positive energy & prevent wealth and good luck from entering your home

  • A great 'Feng Shui' tip is to decorate your living rooms walls with photos of family members. However, the collection on display must include photos of all members of the family living in the house.

  • When selecting your family photos to place on the living room walls, make sure they are all of people smiling and looking happy. Only happy photos paired with joyful and pleasing images bring good luck to the home.

  • Doors on bookcases and cabinets that are left open can discharge detrimental energy, so they need to remain closed to ensure the living room appears neat & organized and promotes good energy flow.

  • You may be thinking about decorating your living room with glass book shelves, rather than the usual solid wood furniture shelves. But before you go ahead and do so, you should know that decorating a living room located in the northern part of the house can actually bring bad luck.

  • Indoor plants can be incredibly effective at promoting good energy. It is recommended that you use indoor plants to cover up room corners & sharp edges, and they also help the living room's positive energy flow more freely around the whole house.

  • The living room should be a cosy zone, a pleasant seating area for you to sit as a family to watch great TV or simply just relax. So with this is mind you should do everything possible to make sure the room is comfortable, welcoming, well-lit and warm.

So next time you're moving house or simply just re-decorating your living room remember the placement of your wooden furniture, handmade furniture & rustic furniture will not only affect the look and feel of your room, but could also have a big effect on your life as well.

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