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How To Create The Perfect Man Cave

9 Oct 2015, 3:33 PM

How to create the perfect man cave

How to Create the Perfect Man Cave

Man caves are becoming increasingly popular as men seek out their own private retreats in their homes, where they can do exactly what they please. Whether that involves watching sports, playing pool, listening to music, drinking beer or all of the above, the man cave provides a sanctuary for the modern man.

So how should you go about creating your own?

Find a Suitable Space

Firstly, you will need a suitable space to create your man cave. This could be anything from a spare room to a garden room built especially for the purpose. One thing to consider is the distance from your cave to the other rooms in the home – and neighbours. You may want to sound proof the room because you don't want to annoy anyone when you are watching live sports at full volume.

Think About the Decoration

Before you start kitting out your room, think carefully about how you want to decorate it.

For example, you may be going for an old English pub look, in which case dark paint or wallpaper, dim lighting, signs for the walls, old Guinness advertisements and traditional paintings could be on your list. Alternatively, you may want something loud and bright, which could lead you to paint the walls bright colours, put up some pop art, invest in a neon bar sign and install bright modern lighting.

Make sure you also think about the curtains or blinds for the windows. You will want to watch TV in your man cave, in which case you want to be able to block out the daylight with ease. Buy some dark curtains or a good blind to make sure you can do so.

Buy Some Furniture

The furniture will play a large role in creating the man cave you have always dreamed of. First and foremost, invest in some comfortable chairs and a sofa that provides enough seating for you and your friends. You could also throw in a few beanbags for larger gatherings.

You could then buy a few tables to keep food, drink and other items on, and you may also want to buy a bookcase or two to show off your books, videos, DVDs, games and trophies.

Should you buy new furniture? If you are likely to spill food and drink on your sofa, you may want to buy something second-hand. Alternatively, choose dark colours to avoid unsightly stains. But as long as it is comfy it does not matter whether it is new or second-hand.

If you really want to create something special, you could even install a bar so you don't have to make the effort to go all the way to the pub.


This is where things start getting really fun. The equipment that you buy will depend on your interests and your budget. However, a few of the most important items could involve the following:

  • A large flat-screen TV (or a home cinema system) with surround sound

  • A music system with powerful speakers

  • A fridge for drinks and snacks

  • Computer (make sure you can receive a good Wi-Fi signal)

  • Games (board games, poker table, pool table, table tennis, foosball, arcade machine)

  • PlayStation or Xbox

  • Gym equipment (dumbbells, bench press, running machine)

  • Gadgets

  • Magazines

Start Working on Your Man Cave

A man cave is the ultimate place for the modern man to escape from the world for a while and enjoy the true luxuries of life. Start planning your own using the above ideas and soon you could be enjoying all the benefits that come with having a man cave in your home.

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