H&F X-Factor House Furniture

31 Oct 2018, 4:12 PM

The X-Factor House Furniture
How & Where To Find Them!

The X-Factor is one of the most talked about TV shows offering an entertaining competition which is full of popular music hits and famous tracks. The show will make you laugh from the beginning and leave you in tears towards the end. The emotion brought to the show is unlike no other TV show in the UK and can be a very enjoyable programme to watch as a family.

X-Factor Plank Beds

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Home and Furniture (H&F) have supplied the X-Factor contestant house beds since 2015 and have struck the nation with their raw, rustic and industrial style plank beds. H&F proudly offer a bespoke service as well as making products to order, they can accommodate almost any request. H&F specialise in a variety of plank beds and most popularly plank bunk beds.
The H&F plank bunk beds are very popular for all ages - young children, young adults or even a large group of adults that require more beds in a smaller space. The plank bunk beds are perfect for hostel & b&b type locations that allow a large amount of guests in 1 room - meaning these are perfect for the X-Factor house. All of the H&F plank beds are solid wood, make naturally in the uk and are handmade and hand finished - creating one unique bed.

X-Factor Plank Dining Tables

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The X-Factor house has been equipped with spectacular plank dining tables since 2015 and with no surprise they have been a hit with ITV viewers. All of H&Fís plank dining tables are handmade and hand finished meaning you are receiving one unique and bespoke piece of furniture for your own home. The dining tables legs can be removed, making it extremely easy to transport and move around your home.
The plank dining table is one of H&Fís favourites of all time, the classic plank design is a popular decor choice for many homes. This particular design has the facility to add an extension leaf and gain extra table space, making it ideal for large families or friendly gatherings.

X-Factor Plank Chairs

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The H&F Stockholm antique brown industrial chair is this seasonís X-Factor chair winner, these luxurious industrial style chairs are very much in season and look perfect with plank dining room tables.
H&F have been proving the X-Factors contestant house now since 2015, over the years you will have seen a variety of plank chairs featured, including the very popular Baby Holmes Hessian dining chair. These particular chairs are extremely comfortable and offer a relaxing back rest for when you have had a long day. The design of the chairs need no further compliments as the button back feature says it all. With no doubt in mind these chairs will be very popular with the X-Factor contestants.

If you are interested on the products featured in the X-Factors contestants house, shop today at the Plank Furniture specialist, Home & Furniture.

Image Sources: ITV

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