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Get Cosy This Christmas With Plank Furniture

11 Dec 2018, 4:45 PM

Get Cosy This Christmas
With Plank Furniture

Christmas is a time for family, for cosying up at home and making the most of your time together. If you want to get your home lovely and snug ready for the festivities, plank furniture is a wonderful way to inject some warmth and character into your home. Over the past couple of years, the UK has gone crazy for the Danish art of ‘Hygge’ –creating warmth and atmosphere with simple, beautiful furniture and furnishings, and enjoying the good things in life.

If you want to make your home cosy for Christmas, here’s how you can use plank furniture this season.

The Dining Room

Plank dining room furniture is the perfect choice for serving up your Christmas feast, giving your room a certain rustic charm. Over Christmas the dining table becomes one of the star attractions. A solid plank dining table is more than big enough for large family get-togethers and can make a fabulous focal point as you serve, with plenty of room for all the side dishes and candles.

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The Living Room

You’ll probably spend a lot of the day in the living room, unwrapping gifts and relaxing in front of the TV. Plank living room furniture brings a new level of warmth and charm to your room. Imagine it – a glowing fire and the perfect solid plank wood coffee table at the heart of the room. Natural materials always give a little something extra to your space, particularly if you can pair items for a joined-up, harmonised look. A plank TV stand or bookcases can be the perfect partner to a wooden coffee table.

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The Bedroom

Even as adults, few things feel more magical than opening your eyes on Christmas morning. Plank bedroom furniture makes your bedroom a really snug, cosy place to be, perfect for those chilly mornings over the festive period. Plank beds have a comforting solidity to them, while plank bedside cabinets and wardrobes make the perfect place to store all your outfits and accessories.

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The Office

While we hope you’re not going to be spending much of Christmas in your home office, it’s always nice to fill your study with beautiful things year-round. Plank office furniture gives both warmth and a certain gravitas to your home office, and plank desks are among our best-selling items. Who wouldn’t want to work at a desk so beautifully crafted and reassuringly solid? You might not want to spend Christmas Day tapping away at your computer, but the home office can be a nice retreat when there’s so much else going on.

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