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10 Unique Items Of Furniture Made From Cars

9 Oct 2015, 2:27 PM

10 Unique Items Of Furniture Made From cars

10 Unique Items Of Furniture Made From Cars

When a car comes to the end of its working life, it is often turned into scrap. However, old cars and their parts can be re-used in all manner of creative ways. Here are 10 unique furniture items that have been made from cars.

Mini Cooper Desks

If you are going to make an item of furniture from a car, a desk seems like one of the more obvious options, and the Mini Cooper is the perfect model for this purpose. It looks great and its smaller size allows it to fit into a moderately sized room without too much difficulty.

Ferrari Table

This table is a unique item of furniture made out of a crashed Ferrari. Whatever you think of it, it's certainly an original item for the living room.

Decorative Art

Tom Conci uses old classic models of Mercedes, Cadillacs and Porches and turns them into works of art. Here he has made a TV stand from a Porsche.

Jaguar Bookshelf

It may be an ostentatious way to store books, but this bookshelf made from an old Jaguar is certainly striking. It uses the entire body of the car, so it's not for small rooms, but it is definitely a talking point.

Engine Coffee Table

This company is dedicated to making coffee tables from old car engines. Using the engine as the base, a sheet of class is placed on the top, creating a striking piece of living room furniture.

Car Sofas

Car sofas like this one provide a stylish way to relax in comfort. It's a great idea for something different and it's a statement piece for any home.

Pool Table

There is a website dedicated to car pool tables, displaying ones like this Ford Mustang table. Complete with chrome bumpers and working lights, it's the ideal way to enjoy a game of pool.


These tables are the perfect way to make use of old cars. By converting the car bonnets into tables, they are not only unique but they are also really stylish, and they are especially striking when the bonnet has a pattern on it.

Flower Bed

While recycling a car for any purpose is an eco-friendly option, turning it into a flower bed is even better. These car flower beds are colourful, striking and the perfect way to add a unique feature to your garden.

Crankshaft Lamp

This is a great idea for a lamp, and it is a popular product as you can see. Buy one ready made or make one yourself.

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