Four Easy Ways To Create A Vintage Chic Bedroom

12 Sep 2019, 1:45 PM

Four Easy Ways To Create A
Vintage Chic Bedroom

Over the past few years, we have seen a huge resurgence in design ideas and furniture styles from earlier periods. There's something comforting and timeless about vintage decor that has inspired countless home renovations. Whether it's rustic wood, timeless furniture pieces, or a unique blend of mixed colours and patterns, there are simple and effortless ways to incorporate this classic style into your house.

Follow our four top tips to easily and quickly step back in time and create your own vintage chic bedroom!

Embrace eclectic pieces

The beauty of vintage chic is that it isn't a prescriptive type of home decor – it provides you with a loose framework with which to create your own unique space. You can opt for vintage style in every aspect of your bedroom from furniture to wallpaper or you can simply select a few accent pieces. 

Consider opting for bright, light coloured walls that highlight a grand four-poster bed, which serve as the perfect throwback to another era. Cover the bed in mismatched pillows and blankets to really embrace your own originality – there's no need to coordinate perfectly with vintage chic style! Throw out the rule book and listen to your own creative intuition.

Create the perfect respite with rustic wood

One of the classic hallmarks of vintage-chic style is the use of natural materials, including exposed wood and distressed detailing. Due to the flexible nature of the vintage style, however, you can select an entire range of rustic bedroom furniture or opt for just a few items, such as wooden bedside tables.

When you're working with vintage decor, there's no need to pick just one wood stain or finish. Consider combining a darker wooden dresser with a pine or oak bed frame to create an interesting juxtaposition that draws the eye to several featured pieces.

Mix and match colours and textures

The essence of vintage chic style lies in combining unexpected elements to create a unique environment that is personal to the individual. Take the opportunity to select one item, such as tallboy drawers, in a bright teal or red that immediately stands out amongst the other pieces in the room. Another option is to pick colourful curtains or a fabric storage trunk in a bright hue – the opportunities are endless, so let your imagination guide you.

Select soft and rounded shapes

While vintage chic is flexible and adaptable, it's also a style that immediately conjures images of relaxation and comfort. You can capture this feeling by opting for a bedroom armchair or a bookcase with rounded curves and a soft finish to the fabric and wood. Stay away from pieces that are too angular as you want the room and its components to appear soft and delicate. This is especially true for a bedroom, which should be the perfect refuge after a long day.

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