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A Buyers Guide To H&F Furniture

9 Oct 2015, 2:02 PM
H&F Furniture

plank furniture

popular types of plank furniture

H&F Plank Furniture comes in many different forms, and the technique can essentially be used to make any kind of furniture. Some of the most popular include dining room table and chairs, beds, wardrobes and coffee tables.

what effect does plank furniture have in a room

Add items of H&F Plank Furniture to any room in the home and it will immediately have a warm and natural effect. The appearance of natural grain is pleasing to the eye, and the wooden furniture is soft to the touch but also incredibly durable. Wood is also a stylish material with timeless appeal, allowing it to go well with any style of room, from modern to traditional.

wich timber is used in plank furniture

The timber used in H&F Plank Furniture depends on the manufacturer. Items of handmade furniture are often made from hard wood, which provides it with greater quality. You should be careful with the timber because some timbers may look high quality but are actually inferior. You should look for something like Quebec Yellow from Canada, which is a very high-quality timber that does not shrink or warp as much as other timbers, meaning the furniture lasts for longer.

As well as looking for a high-quality timber when you choose your furniture, make sure you find a manufacturer who uses timber from sustainable sources.

looking after plank furniture

One of the best things about H&F Plank Furniture is that it is very long lasting. In fact, a good-quality item of furniture made from quality timber will last you a lifetime. However, natural materials require care to keep them in perfect condition, and you can help to prolong its look and feel by caring for your item of furniture properly.

To do this, keep it clean by dusting it regularly and preventing layers of dust building up. You should also keep it out of direct sunlight, which can fade the colour and damage the wood.

You will probably want to apply a natural wax coating from time to time, such as beeswax. Make sure you ask the manufacturer for details of the best wax to use, and they will usually be able to recommend one.

discover the beauty of plank furniture

H&F Plank Furniture is popular because it is everything that mass-produced furniture isn't. Items of furniture are individual and unique, and the fact that every item has been made by hand adds individuality to each piece. If you want your room to have a warm, natural feel, and you want to buy solid wood furniture that lasts a lifetime, you cannot go wrong with high-quality H&F Plank Furniture.

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