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9 Steps To Create The Perfect Living Room

24 Nov 2015, 10:49 AM

9 Steps to Create the Perfect Living Room

In all houses the living room really does live up to its name. A lot of time is spent in this room, entertaining people, being entertained, relaxing, creating memories, so it is important that you have a room that you are proud of and are comfortable in. The key is to make the living room warm and friendly for people visiting your home, but also cosy and personal so it reflects you and your family.

Here are nine creative yet simple steps to create the perfect living room.

Choose Things to Last

Because it is the main room in the house, the living room is going to recieve a lot of traffic and if you don't take precautions you could end up with a room that screams wear & tear. If you have a big family, your walls, carpets, fabrics and furniture could take a beating over the years. So make sure you pick easy-wipe paint for the walls, easy-to-clean fabrics like leather and some sturdy furniture (solid wood furniture would be a great pick) that also looks great in the room.

Give it a Personal Feel

By definition your home is an extension of the personalities of the people living there. So if you're re-decorating or re-designing your living room don't be afraid to add some personal or quirky touches. When people visit your house, let your front room speak for you and let your personality flow out. A personal feel can be accomplished in a number of creative ways – a chair that's been in the family forever, beautiful framed family photos, furniture that matches your quirky personality or even just something as simple as colours that are totally you.

Rustic & Barn Looks are your Friend

There is just something so appealing about a barn themed home or a room packed with beautifully made rustic furniture isn't there. Going rustic & traditional with a cosy and classic barn feel automatically makes any room more welcoming and inviting. If you want to achieve the full rustic barn look, make sure you make the most out of wood – select large bookcases, picture frames, tables and furniture made from high quality wood.

Incorporate a Signature Piece

Before you start work on your living room, make sure you've planned the layout to perfection. Do you want conversation areas, a clear path from one side of the room to the other and you'll probably want a signature piece that grabs people's attention & starts conversations. You've got plenty of options here – a grand fireplace, a huge high-tech TV, a stunning piece of art or a decorative coffee table.

Choose Welcoming Colours

Certain colours are more friendly and welcoming than others, that's a fact. The key here is experimentation, experiment with different colours until you achieve the perfect colour for your living room. Some basics to know are rich browns go great with lighter yellows & blues and strong greens add a layer of warmth to
any room.


There's no getting round this, clutter is unsightly to look at. Do your utmost to make sure your living room remains a clutter-free zone. So place that stack of magazines, unopened mail, DVD cases and any other clutter out of the way, by placing them in decorative baskets, bins, boxes to add a sense of beautiful organisation to the room.

Light it Up

Lighting is incredibly important when it comes to your living room. One large light fitting in the middle of the room will no longer do. Your rooms needs to have a variety of lights and lamps spread throughout. You'll need lights for reading, watching TV, entertaining and even mood lighting is an option (using dimmer switches).

Keep Size in Mind

If you're buying new furniture for your living room, taking accurate measurement is incredibly important. Once you have the room's measurements taken down, you can then start the hunt for your amazing new furniture. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a piece, only to find out it won't fit in your room! So when shopping keep size at the forefront of your mind.

Comfort with Textiles

A living room can look great, but its also got to be comfortable and cosy as well. A great way to incorporate some much-needed comfort to your room is with a plush rug, a fluffy throw, comfy floor pillows or a soft living room Ottoman. These comfortable touches can make all the difference.

So there you have it, follow these nine steps and you'll soon be enjoying your perfect living room. As you sit back in comfort and admire the wonderful decoration, the amazing wooden furniture, bespoke furniture & unique handmade furniture you will wonder what your living room used to look like.
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