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14 Fab Pieces Of Futuristic Furniture

9 Oct 2015, 3:25 PM

14 Fab Pieces Of Futuristic Furniture

Furniture designs and trends are constantly changing and moving forward. That sleek new TV stand looks great now, but in several months time, it could replaced by a new piece of futuristic furniture. Our homes are full of all sorts of furniture – sturdy and reliable wooden bed frames, sleek and shiny kitchen tops, high-tech TVs and grand coffee tables.

However, furniture trends are changing again and are now making the leap towards futuristic furniture – here are 14 pieces of furniture that could surprisingly be in your home sooner than you think.

  • Kure Family Dining Table

Like a scene straight from the TV show The Jetsons, this family dining table definitely has that futuristic feeling. The sphere design, opens up into a six seater table with a bright lamp. The table can then be closed away to save space and act as a unique piece of decorative furniture.

  • Hi-Can High Fidelity Canopy

The Hi-Can High Fidelity Canopy is undoubtedly the bed or bedroom of the future. This elegant square box is the ultimate sleeping pod as it provides a comfy, adjustable bed & retractable blinds. However, the canopy is also a fully-fledged entertainment system. It has a reading lamp, a high-quality sound system, a HD projector and space to plug in your favourite games console, which can all be controlled without getting up – how cool is that!

  • Ecotypic Bed

The Ecotypic Bed is the next step on the journey towards eco living and sleeping. The curved beams above the bed have beautiful green plants growing on them, with a built-in planter to support their growth. The beams also come equipped with LEDs to aid the plants development as well as built-in speakers, that can lull you to sleep. The genius of this bed doesn't stop there, it also has its very own power-generating system, with all activity done in or around the bed converted into energy, making it 100% eco-friendly.

  • Arc Shower System

This stunning new shower is like something straight from a sci-fi movie. The elegant Arc Shower System not only looks amazing, but it packed full of energy saving technology as well. The crescent shape design is extremely appealing, but its the high-tech functions that seperate it from the rest. The shower is capable of switching between a normal mode and an energy saving mode, by recycling the hot water there and then – the energy efficiency is outrageously good . The water temperature and pressure are controlled by a touch-screen.

  • I-Sopod

This hi-tech pod will change bath times forever. The inventive & revolutionary I-Sopod is made from double skinned GRP mouldings and looks like a spaceship has landed in your bathroom. When the tub is open, the built-in LEDs emit colourful mood lighting and utilises the speaker system to create the perfect ambience – while you have a relaxing float.

  • Brandt Aion Kitchen

The Brandt Aion Kitchen may just blow your mind. This super-futuristic eco-multifunctional kitchen counter is truly amazing. While the cooking counter is awe-inspiring, it really is the tech underneath that makes you sit up and take notice. Special plants developed by the aerospace industry with filtering and cleaning properties, constantly provide renewable clean water & soap. The unit allows you to make all your favourite meals, on its state-of-the-art cooking surface & clean up with the sink and phenomenal dishwasher.

  • Fiesta Lighted Bar

Everyone loves to grab a drink after work or on a weekend night-out, so how cool would it be to be served at an illuminated futuristic bar. Well the Fiesta Lighted Bar gives out some striking light that can change colours at the touch of a button. The Bar is sun & water resistant, so is great for use outdoors on the beach, by a pool or on a boat.

  • Z. Island

The Z. Island is probably as close as we can get to Star Trek technology at the moment. The stunning, sleek and super high-tech Island features a touchscreen control panel, heating membranes, sound activators, pleasant scent dispensers, LED lighting, a state-of-the-art media system, including a LCD TV and a personal Apple Mac Mini. All these gadgets in one place are enough to get any techy excited, but to have all that tech at your fingertips and styled in a futuristic desk island, is just something to marvel at!

  • Concoon Bed

If you've ever dreamt of what it would feel like to sleep in space or on a shuttle, the earth version is not far away. The Concoon Bed uses innovative technology, yacht design, in-built surround sound, relaxing lighting, water sounds and a water mattress to simulate the ultimate out of this world sleeping & weightlessness experience.

  • Melting Point TV stand

The Melting Point TV Stand is the very definition of beauty. The original inspiration for the design is apparently based on a water drop before it hits the ground. The super-stylish TV stand fits to the wall to give the elegant hovering look, with LED lighting completing the effect.

  • Toyo Isola S Kitchen Island

This Ying Yang kitchen island provides total harmony in the kitchen. The brains behind the Toyo Isola S Kitchen Island have made it aesthetically pleasing, as well as cramming some excellent high-tech equipment into the groovy design. The island comes with three electric cooker rings, a shiny sink and some great corrugated drawers, to complete that perfect trilogy – harmony, futuristic design & practicality.

  • Tekno Relax Lounger

After a long day at the office, a nice relaxing sit down is needed. If this sounds like you most days, some time spent in the Tekno Relax Lounger is for you. The futuristic lounge chair aims to promote complete relaxation, peace and harmony. The multi sensorial chair has electrical seat, backrest and legrest movement, an iPod sound system and massage settings.

  • Dedon Backyard Stacking Furniture

Spending time outside in the fresh air and sunshine is something we all enjoy. What makes it even better is having some ace, comfy and stylish furniture to sit on. Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with vast outdoor spaces, so the clever people at Dedon have designed some cool furniture, that can be stacked away to form a beautiful piece of garden decoration, when you want to head inside.


  • Sonic Chair

The Sonic Chair looks awesome and to be honest it's pretty amazing. Sitting in this chair fully immerses you in your music, and has been compared to snuggling into an exquisite pair of headphones. The built-in high-quality full surround sound is great for your ears, but also allows you to feel the music reverberate around you as well. All you have to do is plug in your iPod or laptop and use the chair's controls to be transported away from your troubles.

So while your home may currently be lavishly furnished with designer rustic furniture, wooden furniture, bespoke furniture & handmade furniture, don't get to comfortable, as the next futuristic furniture trend won't be too far away.

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